Sustainable birthday greetings from FC Schalke 04

14 October 2020

Sustainable birthday greetings from FC Schalke 04

In the past six months FC Schalke 04 has tested a new way of sending birthday greetings. S04 members used to receive their greeting card including the gift voucher for the store by e-mail – now the club is changing the procedure completely.

FC Schalke 04 currently has more than 160,000 members. Year after year they all received a postal birthday greeting from their club. In the spirit of sustainability, the S04 is changing this process – from now on members will receive their greetings in their virtual mailbox. This way, the club is saving resources and protecting the environment – by not printing and mailing the cards – and is acting in line with its sustainable CSR strategy.

However, such a change also brings with it a number of organisational hurdles. Many Schalke families have only one e-mail address for their various memberships, and many young members do not even have their own e-mail address.

To ensure that every member of FC Schalke 04 who is represented by a legal guardian can still receive their greetings and the voucher for the S04 store, an account manager can now be appointed. He or she will now receive the greetings for all registered persons and can pass them on.


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