SV Werder supports initiative “Anstoß für ein neues Leben”

13 October 2020

SV Werder supports initiative “Anstoß für ein neues Leben”

EFDN Member SV Werder Bremen supports the initiative “Anstoß für ein neues Leben” of the Sepp-Herberger-Foundation again this year. Within the context of the action days on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the initiative, among others Werder president and managing director Dr. Hubertus Hess-Grunewald and trainer legend Otto Rehhagel visited the juvenile correctional facility JA Hameln.

For many years now, SV Werder has travelled to the JA Hameln to engage in an exchange with the young people. The U16 team also regularly visited the institution. This year, prominent Werder representatives Dr. Hubertus Hess-Grunewald and Otto Rehhagel were on-site to talk to the young prisoners. They received a new set of jerseys and footballs.

In addition to the two, Michael Arends (WERDER BEWEGT), Tobias Wrzesinski, Managing Director of the Sepp Herberger Foundation, Michael Herberger, Deputy Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, and Lars Klingbeil, SPD General Secretary, other people took part in a round table discussion with inmates.

Among other things, they talked about daily life in the JA Hameln as well as the initiative to offer the participants a perspective for the time after their imprisonment. After the intensive exchange, the guests also presented the young people with a set of jerseys and new footballs.

SV Werder Bremen took part in the #Morethanfootball Action Weeks showcasing the impact of their community and social responsibility activities such as this one.


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