Tech fun with the Chelsea Foundation

9 March 2018
Chelsea FC Foundation

Tech fun with the Chelsea Foundation

The Chelsea Foundation recently held its second ‘Digital Blues’ event, with more than a hundred school children invited to Stamford Bridge.

The Education Department at Chelsea FC Foundation have spent the last two and a half years building and delivering STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programmes for its local community, whilst highlighting the skills needed for tomorrow. Following the successful launch in December, Digital Blues returned and this time the event hosted pupils from local primary schools who took part in numerous activities involving science, technology, engineering and maths.

The unique programme allowed the children to have a go at designing their own stadium and football boots, and the opportunity to build their own remote-controlled robots before a tour of the museum.


Schools education manager Sam Gaskin-Kemp said: ‘We’ve had three different school groups at the Bridge with more than hundred pupils taking part in a STEM activity day.

‘It’s been a very exciting day where we’ve been offering a number of opportunities for children to take part in technology activities, engineering activities, building robot cars, looking at stadium structures and designing football boots.

‘We want to stimulate children’s interest and awareness of STEM activities so getting them to think about how we can use technology, engineering, science and maths and making it much more fun. We don’t want it to just be fun for a group that is maybe interested in those areas, we want to make it accessible for everybody so they can have a go and try out new and different things.’

Ashburn school teacher Dan Brown said: ‘This is great for the children to be involved – we are obviously from the local area so it’s nice to be involved with the club. It’s a really great opportunity to get out the classroom, have some fun and try some new things that they may have not been able to do at school.’


EFDN is delighted that Matt Mead, Head of the Education at the Chelsea FC Foundation will be presenting at the 10th Anniversary EFDN Conference in Paris. Mr Mead will showcase the Chelsea FC Foundation’s programme ‘Digital Blue’, highlighting how Chelsea FC is combining football and STEM programmes for the local community. The presentation will showcase how young children can be engaged in skills related to animation, design, robotics, engineering and coding, through the lens of football. This has also extended into CFC hackathons (Hackathon: a week long event, in which small tech companies meet to engage in collaborative computer programming) to promote open innovation, problem solving and collaboration to tackle real issues at Chelsea FC and highlight new ways to think and work.

In short, the upcoming presentation will focus on:

  • Highlighting how young minds must be equipped with critical STEM related skills for the 21st century.
  • Showcasing how Chelsea FC combines football and STEM to expose young people to a variety of exciting STEM careers.
  • Evidencing of how a global sporting brand hosts hackathons to promote open innovation and problem solving around fan engagement, smart stadia and e-sports.

You still have time to register for the 10th EFDN #Morethanfootball Conference in Paris on 21st March. Visit our website and book your place Next to Matt Mead from the Chelsea FC Foundation, many more interesting guest speakers will attend the conference such as representatives of the FC Barcelona Foundation, Saints Foundation, Inter Campus and the Real Madrid Foundation.


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