The Football Association of Iceland has officially joined the EFDN

3 March 2020

The Football Association of Iceland has officially joined the EFDN

EFDN welcomes The Football Association of Iceland – KSÍ (Knattspyrnusamband Íslands) to the network.


KSÍ is responsible for the development of football in Iceland and delivering education and information on social matters. Many different events, such as tournaments, coach education, social awareness projects, football for disabled and so on, are delivered all-year-round.


The football community in Iceland consists of about 10% of the Icelandic population and sp, The Football Association of Iceland looks at it as its duty to use the power that resides in the footballing community to be an active participant in social projects that have real and palpable effects. The Football Association of Iceland has in accordance with its strategies for social projects decided to choose at most two social projects every year and put its focus on them. A contract is set up between the two parties on defined projects. With this approximation the FA is focusing on the defined projects for a defined time, putting power into them so its participation will have as big an effect as possible.

Basic elements of the collaboration

-An ad from the organisation/partner are shown on the LED during national team games.

-Regular news stories on the project for the FA´s website and social media channels on the progress of the collaboration in cooperation with the organisation/partner.

-The FA will support the project in different ways, for example with the work effort of their staff.


The  Football Association of Iceland is a programme partner for the EFDN project  “Tackling Colour Blindness In Sport (TACBIS)”.  Together, alongside our programme partners, we are working to identify barriers to progression for colour blind players and coping mechanisms employed by colour blind players and to raise awareness for colour blindness in sport and society and promote surroundings that are colour blind friendly. Find more information about TACBIS here.

KSÍ is a small FA with a close connection to all clubs, coaches, players and managerial staff involved. So, by joining the EFDN, they hope to network and gain material support for new ideas on social programmes and awareness projects that benefit football in society. For more information about The Football Association of Iceland, see their member page here. 

14th EFDN “Morethanfootball” Conference

We are looking forward to meeting the representatives from clubs, leagues and FAs at the 14th EFDN #Morethanfootball Conference in Breda, The Netherlands on the 24th and 25th March. To join us, register for the 14th EFDN Conference here. 


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