Vålerenga organises workshop on prevention of Violence in sports

28 November 2019

Vålerenga organises workshop on prevention of Violence in sports

Vålerenga Fotball organised a workshop on violence in sports for participants of their “Community Champions League” project. It is one of four workshops that the club offers young people participating in the Pan-European programme. 

There has been an increase of violence, anger, and racism on the football pitches, especially in Oslo. The aim of the NOVIS workshop was to promote the good values ​​of sport and to discuss how these values ​​are challenged by violence, anger, and racism. Vålerenga believes in the sport’s ability to contribute to inclusion, integration and equality.

About 70 young people from Oslo took part in the workshop. They watched videos displaying bad behavior in football stadiums and discussed in groups about the different situations and how to deal with them in the best possible way.

“It was fun to see the young people get involved. They had good discussions and reflections on the issues and made good suggestions on how to act as a role model in stadiums” says Svein Helge Liknes, Project Manager of the Community Champions League.

Combination of two EFDN methodologies

The Community Champions League is a street football competition for young people aged between 8 and 16. The programme aims to promote social integration and cohesion within communities, improve health of the participants and prevent youth crime. Workshops and community contributions are important components of the programme. Participating teams earn additional points for volunteering and Fair Play.

The overall purpose of NOVIS is to prevent and fight against incidents of violence, racism and any form of intolerance in sports, particularly in youth sport sectors and at amateur level.


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