Valerenga offers job training programme for youth

4 October 2019

Valerenga offers job training programme for youth

Our member Vålerenga Fotball launches a job training programme for youth. The programme is a new opportunity for young people aged between 17-25 who are excluded from working life for various reasons. The project aims to provide youth from Oslo and Akershus with job training at Vålerenga Fotball and with selected partners. 

The goal for the youth is to get a job in one of the partner companies after completing work training of approximately 5 months. The candidates receive individual training and benefit from skills enhancement, exciting work at the club, challenging working practices of the partners, a strong focus on physical health and participation in a unique environment.

Work Training takes 5 months. The first month includes mapping, courses and competence enhancement at Vålerenga Fotball. Afterward, the participants receive work training in the club and at their deployment site. After 5 months, the candidate’s efforts will be assessed by the company and the young people will possibly be hired. Some of the feedback from the young people are:  “A fantastic six months. Skilled leaders, brilliant programmes and a brilliant group of young people.” “Best place, helped me in many ways. Forever grateful for the chance they gave me!”

Three main pillars

Vålerenga Fotball is one of Norway’s biggest clubs and is a club for everyone, regardless of sex, religion, colour, or sexual orientation. Both our men and women team plays in the highest league and we have a huge department of young players from 6-18 years old. We are also one of the largest football clubs in Oslo when it comes to grass-roots football. We have approximately 80 teams, and 1000 active players, with backgrounds from more than 74 nationalities. Vålerenga also has the biggest community programme run by any sports club in Norway.

The community programmes are divided into three main targets: Integration, Inclusion and work training. Vålerenga Against Racism offers children, adolescents, and adults, free physical activities, because we know that sport integrates, and Vålerenga Football Club wishes to promote positive behaviour. Our Job Opportunity Program gives valuable job-training for people that, for various reasons, find themselves currently unemployed and the purpose of the Integration Project is to be preeminent in alleviating problems concerning poverty and integration. Vålerenga Football Club has always been an important contributor to the community in Oslo and our goal is to make Oslo a better place to live. This community spirit makes us “The Pride of Oslo”



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