VIP Farewell for ADO Den HaaG-Storks 2022-2023

13 September 2023

VIP Farewell for ADO Den HaaG-Storks 2022-2023

ADO Den HaaG-Storks 2022-2023 footballers ‘took off’ their shirts on Sunday, September 3. Yellow card? No! Their football adventure with ADO Den Haag is over. On 3 September, they were called up one last time and waved goodbye as VIPs by the G-Storks’ coaching staff and trainers. This time, they did not have to give their all for an ‘Attacking’ or ‘Defending’ training session. Nor did they have to measure their strength against G teams from Ajax, Excelsior or Go Ahead Eagles. No. This time they only had to watch, cheer and enjoy the home match ADO Den Haag – Jong AZ. They were welcomed as VIPs by their supervisors and trainers in ADO Den Haag’s social skybox. With drinks and snacks in hand, they encouraged ADO Den Haag. Cheering loudly, they saw their club win 4-1!

Memories of insightful year of football
The match was already a great present. Yet the G-Storks were given an extra surprise. At half-time, they also got their football shirts framed as a nice reminder of the G(lorious)-football season 2022-2023 at ADO Den Haag. The footballers accepted the list glowing with pride and promised to give it a nice spot on the wall at home. The G-Storks told that they have learnt a lot. They got better and enjoyed a professional football environment! Besides, it was a very fun experience, sociable, special and the footballers made new friends. All the footballers also thanked trainers Remco and Wesley and supervisor Anton very much for a cool, fun and educational football year.

Continue to follow new G-Stork team
A great football adventure has come to an end for the ADO Den HaaG-Storks 2022-2023. They have fulfilled dreams and are moving on to pursue new ones. But: they will definitely continue to follow the G-Storks in the new season. All footballers were keen to have the football schedule to support the new G-Storks.


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