VR Experience concludes second pilot project ‘Living Like an ADO Pro!’

3 May 2021

VR Experience concludes second pilot project ‘Living Like an ADO Pro!’

The past three Wednesdays the trainers of ADO Den Haag went to Houtwijk for the training sessions of the new project “Living like an ADO-Prof!”. At local club SV Houtwijk, centrally located in this densely populated neighbourhood, the U16 participated in the second pilot project. This time, the theme ‘Acceptance’ was central during the training sessions.

Wednesday, April 14, the 16-man selection was taken over by the ADO trainers for the first time. Head coach Ronald Samson (assistant coach of the U18) and Kees Brouwers introduced themselves and the boys could start immediately. During an intensive first training session, the focus was on accepting mistakes. The message was clear: “Making mistakes will make you better! During the various exercises, the trainers paused several times to emphasize this. “If you do not accept making mistakes for yourself or another, you will not become a better football player!”, said head coach Ronald.

During the second training session, there was a follow-up on the topic of ‘Acceptance’. Also this time the players of SV Houtwijk U16 were on the training field on time. The players were asked how they were coached by the trainer: “positive”, said captain Rojhat. In the conversation that followed it appeared that the players got more self-confidence and started playing better. That’s why during the second training the ‘Positive Coaching Behavior’ was central, because if you approach each other in a positive way, you become a better team!

During the final training on April 28, the players were received in the canteen for a workshop ‘With Different Eyes’ by Critical Mass. Through a VR-experience, participants were taken into different situations where a form of discrimination was brought to the attention. Some players thought it was a strange idea to stare at a movie wearing sunglasses that were a bit too big. Nevertheless, everyone watched the various videos and an interesting group discussion on the theme of exclusion followed. The trainers and workshop facilitators made sure everybody understood that you should accept each other as you are regardless of gender, religion, orientation or cultural background. After this inspiring session, the players of SV Houtwijk had completed the course well and were put in the spotlight by the trainers. Each player received a “Live like an ADO-Prof!” certificate from the trainers.


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