Walking Football tournament in Bremen

4 December 2017

Walking Football tournament in Bremen

Since January 2016, SV Werder Bremen is participating in the European Legends programme that is coordinated by EFDN and delivered jointly with 12 other project partners from 7 countries.

Werder Bremen has now since almost 2 years a Walking Football team , the Werder Oold Sterns’ that meets on a weekly basis to get physically active and socially engaged.

Last weekends, due to the approaching end of the 2 year European 24131109_1392148850904228_1507720905211275919_nLegends programme, SV Werder Bremen and its social responsibility department “WERDER BEWEGT” organised a national Walking Football event consisting of a seminar on Walking Football and Sports and a tournament.

The seminar had the purpose of promoting the final project results of the European Legends Walking Football programme and the Walking Football and Walking Sports methodology.

The event was kicked of by club president Hubertus Hess-Grunewald, who also was in charge of the Walking Football tournament draw.

23844765_1384043161714797_7595230389059943686_nNext to a presentation on Walking Football and the European Legends programme, the seminar included a panel discussion with two Walking Football players of the SV Werder Bremen team. Also ‘Football Tennis’ was presented to inspire the seminar attendees to integrate the sport into their Walking Sports programme.

Next to SV Werder Bremen the national event was attended by Walking Football teams of FC Schalke 04, VfL Wolfsburg, SC Lehe-Spaden, VfL 24232971_1392865910832522_8918963137328079240_nUmmeln Bielefeld, NEC Nijmegen and FC Groningen.

Saturday’s tournament took place in the Klaus-Dieter-Fischer Halle and was won by FC Schalke 04. The trophy was handed out by Hubertus Hess-Grunewald.

After the tournament all teams that participated in the event went to see the SV Werder Bremen- VfB Stuttgart match.


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