World Environment Day – Honey from the Millerntor

5 June 2023

World Environment Day – Honey from the Millerntor

FC St. Pauli began establishing bees at the Millerntor years ago. The aim is to promote biodiversity in the neighbourhood. Recently, even beekeepers from Denmark visited to find out about the project. You can now buy the latest batch of Millerntor honey in the fan shop.

©FC St.Pauli

With the bees in the stadium, FC St. Pauli wants to promote awareness of biodiversity in the neighbourhood. The first stadium honey in the Bundesliga has been produced fresh at Millerntor since 2017.

Beekeeper Leena Ramcke from Ottensen is in charge of the project and praises it for, among other things, “reaching people who would otherwise not necessarily be interested in bees – especially in the city – and nature”. For example, people interested in football have sown bee-friendly plants on balconies, bought regional honey and developed an awareness of urban nature.

Sustainable project

“Moreover, due to the diversity and the absence of pesticide spraying, bees can actually fare better in the city than in the countryside, where in many regions there are only monocultures,” the beekeeper explains. She emphasises that the bee colonies at Millerntor are doing splendidly – and that it is now a long-lasting and thus also sustainable project. The location is also very suitable because there is a lot of sun, and the bees fly upwards so that there are hardly any encounters with people.

©FC St.Pauli

Germany is a country where a lot of honey is eaten. “It is also important here to have an awareness of a regional product. FC St. Pauli is contributing to this with its project.”

Before the home game against Karlsruhe, FC St. Pauli even had a visit from beekeepers from Denmark who wanted to learn more about the honey from the Millerntor. This visit shows the supra-regional interest in the project.

Once or twice a year, we harvest honey from the stadium. However, part of the registered honey always remains in the colony. The current batch of “PEACE ‘N BEES STADION HONEY” is now available in the fanshop.

Beekeeper Leena Ramcke emphasises that the quality of the honey from the city is tested. Exhaust gases are not detectable. Therefore, FC St. Pauli can offer a tasty and healthy mixed honey again this year.

You can find out more about FC St. Pauli’s sustainability concept with the motto “Not perfect, but better” here.

©FC St. Pauli

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