Unibet was founded in 1997 and is part of Kindred Group – one of the world’s leading online gambling providers with 9 brands in its portfolio. Unibet received an online gaming license from the Dutch Gaming Authority on 8 June. Players can bet on a wide range of sporting events and play exclusive online casino games through Unibet.

Lennart Kessels, General Manager of Unibet Netherlands: “Unibet sees an explicit responsibility for the gaming sector to actively contribute to match-fixing education for athletes, coaches and other parties involved in sports. The partnership with EFDN fits well with our ambitions for Unibet Impact.”

About Unibet Impact

Unibet Impact is a unique programme based on partnerships with many parties in professional and amateur sports and social organisations. The programme supports initiatives in the areas of responsible gaming, prevention of match-fixing and the promotion of Dutch sport and sporting culture. Read more here www.unibetimpact.nl

EFDN & Unibet

Unibet is a social partner of the European Football Development Network (EFDN). Through the network, professional football clubs from across Europe work together to increase the quality and impact of social projects. Kindred Group, the parent company of Unibet, has been a partner of EFDN since 2019. In the Netherlands, EFDN and Unibet will focus on the following projects:

Fair Sports 4 All

The Fair Sports 4 All programme consists of a workshop to raise awareness among players, managers and other parties involved in sport about the risks of match-fixing. During this workshop, participants learn how to react to offers of match-fixing and where to report them. EFDN has developed this programme, especially for Unibet. We see match-fixing as a threat to the sport and our industry. The workshop on the risks of match-fixing is offered to all Dutch football clubs affiliated with EFDN.

More than Football Fund

With the ‘More than Football Fund’, EFDN and Unibet want to further strengthen the social power of football clubs in the Netherlands. A stadium is much more than just a place where matches are played. It is a meeting place that is also used for all kinds of social projects in the field of education, health, employment and social inclusion. Thanks to the More than Football Fund, EFDN member football clubs can apply for funding for innovative projects that are more difficult to finance from other funds.

Moreover, Unibet Impact also supports the Florence programme. With this, EFDN provides supporters who cannot come to the stadium for health or safety reasons with an unforgettable experience with Robot Floor. Thanks to this robot, supporters can watch the warm-up on their laptop, follow the match from the sidelines and join the players for the lap of honour after the match.