Celtic FC- Ability Counts Down’s Syndrome

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Celtic FC- Ability Counts Down’s Syndrome

Celtic FC Foundation’s initial strand of Ability Counts was developed in 2010 in consultation with Down’s Syndrome Scotland. Launched in February, 2011, it was the first of its kind in Scotland and has grown from strength to strength. 
Ability Counts Down’s Syndrome is predicated on a simple model of inclusivity, companionship and most importantly, fun. Our sessions allow participants a sense of freedom and allowing them to express their feelings in a relaxed, comfortable environment.
Allied to this, is Celtic FC Foundation’s renowned expertise and quality of coaching. From the outset, the Foundation recruits coaching staff adept to cope with the nuances and sensitivities of our participants’ conditions. To better acquaint themselves with these challenges, a key priority for our coaches is to develop a personal affinity with families, facilitating a mutual trust and bond that allows for over-arching peace of mind.

Focus to affect positive change and foster lasting relationships

Fundamental to Celtic Foundation’s approach, is the determined focus to affect positive change and foster lasting relationships. As well as marked gains in mood and wellbeing, the power of sport and team-based activity are evident in developed motor skills and spatial awareness for children and young people. These improvements to a young person’s quality of life cannot be underestimated.

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