All different, All Buffalo

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KAA Gent

All different, All Buffalo

The KAA Gent Family is as diverse as society. The Community Foundation of KAA Gent known locally as Voetbal in de Stad has been created to compliment and supplement local community activity through enrichment programmes to benefit local residents. The first team playing squad of the KAA Gent is a key attribute to the programme providing invaluable exposure of this core activity which creates the synergy for multicultural integration as the 1st team squad is made of different nationalities.

Also the supporters of KAA Gent – all different, all Buffalo – together form an example of how all Buffalo’s together, despite all the differences that we face in society – this enables the Buffalo’s to fight for the same goal.

All Different All Together !!!

With these principles the community foundation of KAA Gent are developing and delivering positive initiatives to tackle diversity, racism, discrimination and homophobia. Two aspects of diversity which the Buffalo’s are hitting head on are Cultural Diversity and acceptance of Homosexual, Lesbian and Bi-sexual (HOLEBI) in sports.

KAA Gent and Voetbal in de Stad take a firm stand in the social debate about diversity. The CSR-organisation advises the football club in these matters and helps implement certain activities, events or campaigns.

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