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European Healthy Football League

EFDN launches the European Healthy Football League which is an app-based competition encouraging football fans of all ages to make healthy lifestyle choices and compete against fans from other clubs. Together with their fans, the clubs strive to become the healthiest club in the city, country and Europe. Any fan with a phone using Android or iOS can register and start scoring points for their club.

The Healthy Football League is free to use for all European football fans, clubs, leagues and national Football Associations. EFDN members have additional features such as customised leagues with local schools, grassroots clubs or community teams and they can create special medals which they can link to their local health programmes. EFDN members can also include all match days in the app which provides their fans the opportunity to score additional points in the competition if they come to the stadium by bike or on foot. Clubs can engage even more with their fans by awarding discount on tickets and merchandise or giving away premium match day experiences if they are on top of the monthly league table.

The club that wins the competition will be officially awarded as the Healthiest club in Europe!

Presentation 14th EFDN Conference

You can find the presentation on the Healthy Fotball League here.

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