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FC Utrecht – Side by Side

In cooperation with FC Utrecht and other social partners, the FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk foundation organises various activities for the benefit of an inclusive society. Through their conviction: heart for football, heart for the province, and heart for each other, FC Utrecht wants to win the hearts of our supporters, the city, and the province. FC Utrecht plays a connecting, enthusing, and inspiring role in this. With their social commitment, they want to seize the opportunity to contribute directly to the physical, social, and mental development of inhabitants of the province of Utrecht and help to build the most vital region of the Netherlands.

The objective of the FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk foundation is to promote an inclusive society. With all its activities – in the stadium, in the neighbourhoods, and at clubs – the club is building a FC Utrecht Community. A community of people with a shared love for football and for the club, ready to do something for others.

Side by Side – ©FC Utrecht

The FC Utrecht Foundation’s Side-by-Side program focuses on undesirable and discriminatory language and behavior. The project focuses on ‘respect’ in and outside the stadium. They want to change the culture of offensive language and chants to a more positive atmosphere in and around the FC Utrecht stadium. The aim is to increase the sense of security in the field of discriminatory language and behaviour. As a result, the accessibility of visiting FC Utrecht matches, and the feeling of safety for everyone increases again. Regardless of origin, colour, age, orientation, and gender.

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