FC Midtjylland – Lose and Win

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FCM Samfund
Health, Social Inclusion, Sport Participation

FC Midtjylland – Lose and Win

FCM Samfund‘s project Lose and Win is a weight loss programme for men and women that goes beyond “only” weight loss.

The project runs for 12 weeks and is a collaboration with the 136 FC Midtjylland Club partners. An important prerequisite for a profound effect of the prevention effort is that accessibility and environment in the immediate environment make it easier to make healthy choices and support a healthy lifestyle. The so-called structural prevention is a cornerstone of a coordinated effort.

FC Midtjylland collaborates with 136 cooperative clubs, 5,000 volunteers in societies/football clubs spread over 10 municipalities from Thisted, Thyborøn to Ringkøbing and Billund. Each team in the respective clubs/cities that decide to participate, consists of 20-30 men/women. They are not necessarily all members of that club, but people from the community who wants to become more active and/or lose weight.

The Lose and Win project starts out on an everyday evening in the local FC Midtjylland collaboration club, where participants are weighed and measured. A pedometer is handed out, which the participants must wear during the 12-week period that the course is running. The goal for the individual participant is at least 10,000 steps a day. On the first night, the participants of the respective city/club present their starting measurements to the FC Midtjylland Exercise Football under the direction of a coach/manager from the local football club. The participants then meet once a week for a game of FC Midtjylland Exercise Football and each time they are measured via an app, and a status on the individual’s weight is recorded as well as the number of steps the participant has walked within the last week. Each training ends up with a third half where the host club offers a bottle of water and an opportunity to socialise and talk. Togetherness and being a part of something helps to strengthen social cohesion.

In the process, there are also workshops about diet and how to do proper training. All participants from all cities/clubs are also invited twice to FC Midtjylland, where FCM Samfund provides input within a movement, health guidance, diet and motivation in the form of a workshop or a lecture. To finish off the course, participants are invited from the local FC Midtjylland Collaboration Clubs to football cosiness. During this day, participants are weighed and measured. The day ends up on the MCH Arena having dinner together and watching a Super League game with FC Midtjylland.