Give Blood for the Maroon Colour

Project details

Bosnia and Herzegovina
FK Sarajevo
Health & Donation

Give Blood for the Maroon Colour

The project of “Give Blood to the Maroon Colour” was set up to give back to the community, involving FK Sarajevo’s fan base- one of the biggest in the country- to spread the word.

The club believes that if they can engage their fans to help donating blood, then they can involve a wider range of the community to help with humanitarian projects. The club’s strategy is to show that they care about the community and that FK Sarajevo wishes to involve others to help giving back.

The Project

The club, with the idea of a humanitarian project in mind, decided to launch the project about four years ago. This initiative is solely based on people that wish to help and give back to the community, because it has become important to give blood, thus helping out people that may be in need.

The project involves the club’s fan base and a local hospital that helps voluntarily and organises the initiative.