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GNK Dinamo Zagreb
Disability, Employability, Social Inclusion

GNK Dinamo – Down for life

In 2016, GNK Dinamo partnered with Down 21 to deliver a special project called “Down for life” that helped young adults with Down syndrome to achieve their full potential and integrate them into the community by providing part-time jobs within the club. 

Summary – Down for Life

By their late teenage years, individuals with Down syndrome vary widely in terms of their health, abilities and behaviour. This project attempts to cover this broad range of behaviour, success and challenge, recognising that most adults still do not have the opportunities yet, nor are expected to function effectively in the society.

Aware of its important social role, GNK Dinamo formed a cooperation with Down 21, an organisation that is taking care of young adults with Down syndrome helping them to achieve their full potential in everyday life. That involves providing them with paid part-time jobs within our organisation and with our employees so they can be more involved in activities that are making them feel part of the community. Part-time jobs include gift packaging, production distribution, decorating of Christmas presents and helping out with stadium security. GNK  Dinamo players personally recognised the importance of such integration and they are actively involved in creating many beautiful art performances from young people with Down syndrome by helping them promote their art in media and also helping them financially so they can have everything necessary for producing their dance shows and musicals.

When people with Down syndrome are “being” they are “existing”; their basic human needs are being satisfied. To feel that they belong they have to be included in their community, with regards to education, employment, social, leisure and recreational opportunities. In order to “become”, people with Down syndrome need to be given the opportunity, and the support to recognise and fulfill their potential.

”We are delighted to be involved and help these nice young people to integrate them into society and give them unforgettable experience; and, if I might add, for us too.” – Tomislav Svetina, Club CEO

Main objectives

  • To raise awareness of disabled people in everyday life
  • To provide an opportunity and the support to recognise and fulfill potential of people with Down syndrome
  • To be an example and to develop a best practice template that can be followed by other similar sporting organisations in our country (Croatia)

Unique & innovative features

  • Raising awareness with the general public about this problem
  • Integrating people with Down syndrome into our orgnisation
  • Providing people with Down syndrome unforgettable experience


GNK Dinamo communicate this project through their media partner, social media platforms, and through the official website. The average post reach was around 16,000 people.

During the first months of Down for life, there was much positive feedback from the media and from other sport organisations, who are now also planning to create similar opportunities for young people with Down syndrome.

”All my friends are here and we are having fun doing so many different things.” – Lena, 18, Project Pariticipant

”Dinamo is my favourite club in the whole world and I love going to the stadium!” – Marko, 20, Project Participant


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