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The Greenfoot project will develop and implement a community-based financing scheme for renovating football buildings including stadiums, practice facilities and related buildings (e.g. team headquarters, fitness centres) with energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.

The central social innovation of GREENFOOT is to develop creative crowdfunding investment packages that allow sports fans and community members to partner with their favourite clubs to improve energy use, fight climate change and contribute to a cleaner local environment.

The project includes international football organisations as partners, a strong link with UEFA that EFDN looks forward to collaborating with.

The concept is to finance football building energy efficiency renovations and renewable energy installations through a crowd-funding scheme that propels Europeans to become active participants in the energy transition through their love of football.


GREENFOOT stands for GReen power and Energy Efficiency iNvestments community-Financed for football buildings. There are 3 main goals EFDN want to achieve with its project partners, these are to:

  1. Increase active citizen participation in the EU energy transition through creative investment options that involve citizens with their favourite sports teams
  2. Improve the access to financing that owners and operators of sports buildings have available to fund EE renovations and the installation of RES
  3. Contribute a substantial reduction in fossil-fuel-based energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions in sports buildings by reducing their energy use and increasing their renewable production.

Participating organisations include:

  • Energieinstitut at Johannes Kepler University Linz
  • RINA Consulting SPA
  • European Crowdfunding Network
  • Football Association of Ireland
  • Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan
  • European Football for Development Network
  • Electricite de France SA
  • French Football Federation

Presentation 14th EFDN Conference

You can find the presentation from the livestream on GREENFOOT here.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 893858

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