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IF Elfsborg – Point

POINT– is an employment project with the aim to support the transition from unemployment to work or studies of women and men, who are between 15-64 years old and have an immigrant background and/ or disabilities.

The project name POINT is an acronym for the Swedish words Impact through Public -, Nonprofit- and Business organisations.

Within the programme an introduction manual will be created and used to provide an effective gradual movement forward for every participant. Different activities will be offered, such as; ACT (Accept and Commitment Training against Mental Illness) and Supported Education (for support toward and during studies) or Supporter Employment (as a method to support long-lasting employment).

Nonprofit organisations, initially represented by Sjuhärad’s famous and largest football club, help to provide a positive attitude that will influence towards a more inclusive relationship between employers and employees.

Individual activities for each participant

During 31 months, activities are created for 900 participants, both individually and in groups, all tailored to each person’s individual needs and planning.

The participants will gain motivation to see their own potential, strength their ability and confidence.

At the same time, employers will offer work spaces to support the programme. Next to that, some companies will assist participants to establish relations with other business organisation. This cooperation will provide support and tutor training so that people, regardless of gender, disability or background are considered as potential employees. By giving everyone equal access to the labour market, public-, nonprofit- and business organisation are contributing to challenge norms in society.

POINT is financed by the European Social Fund and the project owner is Sjuhärad samordningsförbund. POINT is a collaboration with football club IF Elfsborg.