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Inter Campus Hungary

Inter Campus Hungary was launched in 2010 in partnership with the Love is the Answer non-for-profit organisation. The aim is to provide education and support for orphans and children belonging to ethnic minorities, as well as providing educational and sports training to local instructors.
Love is the Answer maintains a constant rapport with the local governmental institutions in order to manage custody of Budapest’s orphans in the “Cseppko” children’s home. This was the setting for the official inauguration of the first Inter Campus centre in Hungary.

Nearly 50 children are directly involved

Now, nearly 50 children are directly involved in the project whilst around 80 are supported by Cseppko. These boys and girls live under state custody because of the extremely undesirable conditions that characterise life in their birth families. Problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence and neglect are the most frequent and serious issues. The sports activities run in the orphanage are managed by two local instructors and various volunteers.
A second Inter Campus project was launched in 2011 and now benefits 100 children – 80% of whom are from the Roma community. The initiative is based in the small town of Szendrolád, situated just a few kilometres from the Slovakian border in one of the poorest regions of north-east Ukraine. Its objective is to promote integration between Roma and Hungarian children. Three local instructors run the sporting activities in Szendrolád.

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