Mifalot’s International Partnerships

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Mifalot’s International Partnerships

In 2008, Mifalot launched the first social co-existence program with our Palestinian neighbours. Through soccer with mixed teams, Israeli and Palestinian children learn that “the other” is quite similar, breaking down prejudice and fear. Ever since the success of our first co-existence project, we’ve continued running a variety of programs in the Palestinian Authorities with local partners.

Our international 3-step strategy:

  1. Adapt our educational model to local needs through a mutual  learning process.
  2. Train the local community in sustaining the project.
  3. Offer remote support and guidance.

Following Mifalot’s growth in Israel and the Middle East, we’ve come to understand that our experience is worth sharing worldwide. Throughout the years, we’ve partnered up with a wide variety of local organisations and social entrepreneurs in Rwanda, Camaroon, Haiti, India, Nigeria, Jordan, Philippines, Benin and  Ghana.

Our international cooperation has proven that through our dynamic and innovative spirit, we’ve created programs that excel, adapting to the needs and issues of local communities.

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