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N.E.C. United

N.E.C. Maatschappelijk (N.E.C. Social), Bindkracht10 and the municipality of Nijmegen started the social project NEC United in May 2018. This project focuses on the talent development of young people from the Nijmegen North neighbourhood with the aim of increasing the connection with the neighbourhood and to develop the competencies of the selected young people.

The NEC United participants started the new social project with a contract signing ceremony in the press room of the Goffert Stadium. The boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 14 are selected by their schools and youth workers from the Nijmegen-Noord district. The contracts were signed in the presence of the N.E.C Nijmegen General Director, Wilco van Schaik. The contract signature is a commitment and symbol that the participants will lead, e.g. the contract states that the participants drink more water, eat fruit, spend less time on the phone and that they comply with agreements they make. In addition to the children, their parents / carers have also signed a contract, which states, among other things, that they will support the child in every possible way.

NEC United
The participants receive football training on Wednesdays and Fridays, which incorporates various skills that belong to the life of a top athlete. Participants take this experience into account in their daily lives and in the various social activities that they are going to carry out in the Nijmegen-Noord district.

Partners from NEC Maatschappelijk, Bindkracht10 and the municipality of Nijmegen join forces and use their facilities and experiences together to put talent at the centre. This is done through parts of daily life such as healthy food, respect for each other, self-confidence and exercise. The training sessions will be led by a pedagogical trainer Zakaria Kerkri.