OFI Crete FC – Anti gender-based violence

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OFI Crete FC

OFI Crete FC – Anti gender-based violence

On Thursday, 25th of November, the club released a video, in which five of their football players, sent a strong message against any form of violence.

On the 28th of Novermber, during the Super League match against Ionikos FC, all of the players (starting 11 and substitutes) had a black mark under one eye, as a symbol of the marks that violence leaves to the body, highlighting that the team is against any form of violence.

The club gave the chance to all women who were interested, to attend thr match, with a ticket of 3 euros (symbolic price). All women received a reusable fabric bag as a gift, with the message “Make your fear, strength”. All proceeds from these tickets will be donated to a group called “Strong me”, that aims to raise awareness and stop violence against women.

All staff members wore the white ribbon, the international symbol against gender-based violence.