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6 Nov
EFDN Special Champions LeagueEFDN organises the first edition of the Special Champions League Festival on 6 November 2021 at Sports Center De Scharen in Breda, the Netherlands as a legacy tournament of the 16th EFDN Conference. The EFDN Special Champions League is a new project of EFDN that will provide Read more
8 Nov
The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) will host its 16th EFDN Conference as a hybrid event from 8-10 November 2021 in Breda, the Netherlands. EFDN Conferences are the largest gatherings of Community and Social Responsibility (CSR) experts in European professional football. Participants at the 16th EFDN Conference will discuss Read more


The objective of STEP4youth is to design, test and evaluate a new sport-based intervention that introduces and improves employability, knowledge, skills and networks in order to foster the social inclusion of refugee and migrant youth (including unaccompanied minors and youth at highest risk) in Europe.

This new Programme will focus on soft skills valued by employers, such as commitment, motivation, teamwork, flexibility, leadership, time-management or creativity and problem-solving to name a few. Working and strengthening these skills will allow a group of 180 refugees and migrant youth from Spain, Greece and Italy to be better equipped when entering the labour market. Having a job is crucial for their independence and self-reliance and facilitates their social inclusion and integration in Europe. The programme, inspired by the best European practices linking sport and social inclusion, will be delivered by a pool of 90 educators and coaches trained in the new methodology. Furthermore, the project will connect refugees and migrants with a group of 15 companies through the so-called BRIDGE events, an ideal platform for employers to seek new talents duly trained by the Programmes’ methodology. Another key output of the project is the design of a systematization process to evaluate and asses the intervention, and extract from there conclusions, lessons learned and recommendations for the EU sporting community. Dissemination of project results is ensured through the wide international network of the project partners, and at least 20 new European organizations will be identified to share with them the STEP4youth values and seek their adhesion to the network.

The project is led by our member Barça Foundation, partnering with Organization Earth, Prospettiva Cooperative, the Danish Refugee Council and EFDN.

Best Practices Handbook

The STEP4Youth project team has published a handbook of best practice organisations, projects and methodologies in Europe that promote employability and employment for migrant and refugee youth at risk of social exclusion. The handbook includes a description of the best practices and then extracts the key employment mechanisms and activities to identify and better understand the specific inputs that contribute to effective employment and employability outcomes.  

You can download the document here.

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