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Talent Development- Schalke 04

For Schalke 04, not only the talent development on the football pitch is important, but also the fact of assisting young people with developing career opportunities and preparing them for the job market.


The Programme “Joblinge”, founded in 2007 by The Boston Consulting Group, the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation and BMW, supports young people in recognising and developing their talents in professional environments.

“Joblinge” is a six-months on the job programme, in which the participants receive application training, learn about social skills and get the possibilities to receive an apprenticeship placement. Since January 2013, the programme also exists in the Ruhr area.

Germany Scholarship

Higher education students, have the opportunity to apply for the Germany Scholarship and therewith might receive support from “Schalke hilft!” to afford their studies.

Talent Academy Ruhr

The Talent Academy gives students from grade 9 the possibility to discover, together with other students, their talents. At the beginning of the summer holidays, the students get together at the University of Gelsenkirchen to take part in different projects as producing a radio show or building robots. The highlight of the Talent Academy is a visit to the VELTINS- Arena, where all projects will be presented as a final event. This is a ten-days programme.

Schalke School

The football stadium becomes the classroom; this is the idea of the programme “Schalke School”. The programme exists since 2011/2012 and is based on the idea to use the inspiring environment of the VELTINS-Arena to engage with young people and to discuss socially relevant topics. The students are addressing in an interactive manner topics as discrimination, violence, exclusion and democratic competencies.

Football meets Culture

The programme “Football meets Culture” aims at conveying the message that studying does not essentially have to be boring. Children from primary school with a migration background are the target group of this programme. Each week, they receive two hours of football training and two hours of German lessons.

To stimulate the cultural interests, the group is taking part in cultural activities on a regular basis. The programme started in 2011.

Football meets culture

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