One Goal for Education Practitioners’ Guide

One Goal for Education Practitioners’ Guide

The ‘One Goal for Education’ Practitioner’s Guide inspires professional football clubs and community foundations to utilise their stadium, training facilities and club resources to deliver educational programmes to young people. The guide intends to serve as a starting point for clubs to create and implement education programmes that are tailored to fit the needs of their community. 

Supported by examples from ten EFDN member clubs, who participated in the One Goal for Education project, the guide highlights a multitude of ways that clubs can utilise their available resources to create engaging education programmes.

Therefore, the One Goal for Education Practitioner’s Guide aims to:

  1. Demonstrate to clubs how they can use their facility and resources to build or enhance community education programmes
  2. Provide insight into the programme delivery process, using the examples provided by EFDN’s One Goal for Education partners

The One Goal for Education programme and this Practitioner’s Guide was supported by the UEFA Foundation for Children.

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Next to this practitioner’s guide, the following practitioner’s guides can be found on the EFDN Online Learning Platform:

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