Mifalot – Relief through Sport

Mifalot – Relief through Sport

Mifalot is the largest and most diverse sports for development and peace organisation in the Middle East. Mifalot believes in sports as a platform for social change.

The organisation’s core values are:

  • Individual development – Leadership, compassion, and self-actualisation.
  • Community outreach – Resilience, cohesion, and health.
  • Society – Peace, equality, and positive social change

The 3-step international Strategy

  • Adaptation to local needs.
  • Training the local community in implementation.
  • Sustain through remote support and guidance.

The provided document gives the following information:

The programme ‘Relief through Football’ delivered by Mifalot. It focuses on Education, Rehabilitation & Empowerment through football. The project is based on the circumstances that the number of people seeking refugee status has continued to climb in the first half of 2014, driven by the wars in Syria and Iraq, as well as conflict and instability in Afghanistan, Eritrea and elsewhere.

The resource describes the overall goal of the programme, the project steps and the material used for the delivery. 

Additionally, Mifalot gives more information on their mission and vision as a Foundation.


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