Scottish FA UEFA GROW SROI Model

Scottish FA UEFA GROW SROI Model

The Scottish FA recently took part in UEFA’s GROW programme which is UEFA’s central business development support programme to nurture football across Europe.  The UEFA GROW model was created for the following main reasons:

  • It is important that both the image of football and that of its governing bodies is viewed positively as negative perceptions can affect other business outcomes and the development of the sport.
  • Football cannot develop unless people continue to play the game. How people play is also evolving and changing. UEFA GROW is looking to help national associations increase the number of registered football players at grassroots level after there had been a decrease between 2010 and 2015 within some associations.
  • The digital revolution is happening and UEFA GROW is aiming to assist the national associations to adapt accordingly in order to develop football engagement through new technology and platforms in their respective markets.
  • Changes in the sponsorship and media rights landscapes have created new opportunities for national associations to generate additional revenues which could be used for new development programmes.

The report measures and provides quantifiable figures in both social and economic terms for the value of playing football in Scotland.

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