Child Online Protection Webinar
21 September 2021 15:00 - 21 September 2021 16:30

Child Online Protection Webinar

Round table discussion: A conversation on “COP in European Football Clubs”

In order to follow up on the recent survey among EFDN Members regarding Child Online Protection, we invite you to participate in the round table discussion regarding this topic on Tuesday, 21st of September 2021 at 3pm CET. This event will help you in facing the challenges regarding the protection of children online.

This round table is designed for representatives from EFDN clubs and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) – the UN specialised agency for ICTs – to openly talk about the need but also struggles with incorporating Child Online Protection (COP) in sport/football clubs. We are hoping this conversation will help connect the experiences on both sides and further enhance the protection of children.

Why is COP a topic of concern for football clubs? What role do football clubs play in protecting children online? What steps can they take to safeguard staff and participants? What role can the ITU play alongside football clubs?

With the growing use of digital tools and increased online interactions, there has never been a more important moment to address these questions and talk about COP.

The round table organised by the Scort Foundation, ITU and EFDN is your chance to get involved in the conversation. You can help shape understanding, ask questions and gain inspiration and courage to create a safer environment for children beyond the playing field.