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Community and Social Responsibility is becoming more and more important in European Club Football and has evolved into a strategic tool for clubs to demonstrate their accountability and commitment to society and to protect their reputation, develop brand loyalty and foster competitive advantage.

Our Conferences feature break-out sessions, practical workshops, monitoring and evaluation initiatives, high-profile presentations and interviews, all engineered to help participants and experts to share the perspectives of Europe’s leading football clubs and organisations on community and social responsibility.

Click here for more information about the 20th EFDN Conference in November 2023.

20th EFDN Conference 

The last EFDN conference was held on 13-15 November 2023 and took place in Athens, at the OPAP Arena, the stadium of AEK Athens.

Knowledge sharing

The EFDN conference provides a platform for sharing best practices, experiences, and insights on CSR initiatives in football. Participants can learn from each other’s successes and challenges, fostering knowledge exchange and innovation.

Networking opportunities

EFDN conferences bring together stakeholders from different sectors, including football clubs, governing bodies, sponsors, NGOs, and community organizations. This allows for networking and collaboration, potentially leading to partnerships and joint initiatives in CSR.

Inspiration and motivation

By showcasing successful CSR projects and initiatives in football, the EFDN conference inspires and motivates clubs, organizations, and individuals to engage in socially responsible actions. It highlights the positive impact that football can have on communities and society as a whole.


The EFDN conference provides a platform for engaging with stakeholders, such as fans, local communities, and sponsors. It allows for dialogue and feedback, ensuring that CSR efforts align with the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

Reputation and brand enhancement

Demonstrating a commitment to CSR in football can enhance the reputation and brand of clubs and organizations. The EFDN conference serves as a platform for showcasing CSR activities, generating positive media coverage, and improving public perception.


The EFDN conference emphasizes the importance of integrating CSR into the long-term strategies and operations of football clubs. It encourages clubs to view CSR as an integral part of their identity and mission, leading to sustained social and environmental impact.

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