What We Do


Community and Social Responsibility is becoming more and more important in European Club Football and has evolved into a strategic tool for clubs to demonstrate their accountability and commitment to society, and to protect their reputation, develop brand loyalty and foster competitive advantage.

EFDN brings together practitioners, project leaders and decision makers from community engaged clubs to debate, explore and understand new initiatives and best practices. Topics for discussions include community involvement, environmental awareness, educational and health initiatives, cultural understanding and integration, stadium accessibility and sustainability, community based fan engagement and much more.

Our Conferences feature break-out sessions, practical workshops, monitoring and evaluation initiatives, high profile keynote speeches and interviews, all engineered to help participants and experts to share perspectives from some of Europe’s leading clubs and organisations on football’s community and social responsibility.

The two day event coordinated by EFDN successful hosted editions in London, Rotterdam and Cyprus, Manchester, Wolfsburg, Eindhoven, Glasgow, Lisbon and Paris. The next conference is organised on 13 and 14 November 2018 and is hosted in Ghent, Belgium.