Who we are

Who we are

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The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) consists of professional football clubs, who are committed to their social responsibilities in and outside their organisation and have the passion to cooperate and engage on a European level.

The aims of our network are to promote the power of football as a tool for social development, share knowledge regarding community programmes and social responsibility policies in European football and create opportunities for our Network members and their local participants.

EFDN provides guidance and support in Community and Social Responsibility in European football matters, including stadium accessibility, environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices and the establishment of effective supporter management relations. The Network currently consists of 40 football clubs from 19 European countries, which benefit from our official strategic partnerships with FARE (Football Against Racism Europe), CAFE (Centre for Access in Football Europe), the Social Football Club Alliance, European Healthy Stadia Network, ECA (European Club Association) and UEFA Foundation for Children.

Why we do what we do?

Football and sports are increasingly used and recognised as a tool for social development world-wide. These football for development programmes are providing participants and staff from different backgrounds with valuable tools to actively make a positive intervention in their own lives. By addressing the most pressing issues in each community, the programmes are contributing to positive social change on a European scale.

Football has the power to help people to achieve more, addressing issues such as health and well-being, tackling racism, youth unemployment, school attainment and volunteering. Football can enhance individual development, self-confidence and conveys values of team spirit, fair play and responsibility. Our programmes teach young people how to deal with success and failure, solve problems, accept shared values and become role models within their community.

The goal of the European Football for Development Network is to support the efforts of its members to broaden their impact and in collaboration mobilising other European Football clubs to use the power of football for positive change.

How we do it?

EFDN provides its members with support and guidance regarding the development of accessible match-days, sustainable business practices and effective stakeholder relations management with the club’s supporters through the establishment of the position of a Supporter Liaison Officer and Disability Liaison Officer.

The Network shares knowledge and experiences on an European level to enhance quality and efficiency of Community and Social Responsibility programmes in football.

This exchange of knowledge and the continuous progress is being achieved through international conferences focused on challenges and trends in CSR in football, EFDN’s online learning platform, European Exchange programmes for staff, volunteers and participants and the diverse consultation services for the Network members, partners and supporters.

In addition to these services, Monitoring and Evaluation is a key component through EFDN’s strategic partnership which provides the opportunity to accurately report and evaluate the impact and value of CSR programmes.

EFDN currently delivers the following activities:


We believe that football can change people’s lives and that’s why we aim to inspire all European clubs to become more actively engaged in their communities and collaborate with our members in the field of football and development.