What We Do

Online Learning Platform

Our Online Learning platform’s main objective is to support the professional development of our members.  We believe in clubs and football organisations working together to develop best practice, sharing knowledge and create innovative solutions to the social issues being faced within our local communities and the Online Learning platform is one of the main resources enabling us to do this.  It’s a secure environment for members to share content from youth intervention session plans through to governance policies.

The platform generates individualised content which is electronically communicated and aligned to the distinctive interests, genres and topics of each individual member.

Members have the opportunity to complement and supplement the platform by adding content they would like to share with the global football community.  This is a unique platform, the first of its kind in European Football, powered by EFDN.

Besides to all the presentations of the last Conferences, users can also find the four published EFDN Practitioners’ Guides on the Online Learning platform: