Football leagues and associations

Football leagues and associations

EFDN works in partnership with leagues and FAs from all across Europe. These collaborations are focused on a shared vision and passion for sport for development which benefits and changes the lives of people within local communities.

Members of EFDN benefit from unique networking opportunities, increased visibility of their local work on a European and global level, new funding streams and strategic partnerships. and its impact by gaining exposure on a European and global level.

We have worked with the SPFL Trust on our Active Fans programme and have successfully applied for Pan-European programmes like TACBIS that include leagues and FAs as consortium partners.

What we offer

As an EFDN member, leagues and associations can contribute to the promotion and development of CSR in European football while also benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the other network members. At EFDN, we are ahead of trends and play our part in tackling societal challenges like sustainability, youth unemployment, discrimination, social inclusion, integration, rehabilitation and gender inequality.

By joining EFDN:

  • You have access to our network of collective expertise;
  • You have access to funding and grants;
  • You have access to a unique platform where we share best practices in football-related CSR;
  • You can collaborate with other EFDN members for programmes to develop new or improve existing methodologies;
  • You get the opportunity to exchange knowledge with other Clubs, Leagues and Football Associations at meetings, webinars, exchanges and conferences;
  • You will receive input to develop, evaluate and implement a CSR strategy;
  • You can contribute to the promotion and development of CSR in European football.

Read more about our impact here.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in receiving further information or want to become a network member, please contact us by sending an email to or call +31 76 369 05 61.