Our impact

Monitoring & Evaluation

What does Monitoring & Evaluation mean to EFDN?

EFDN is committed to creating innovative opportunities and experiences for disadvantaged people within Europe, but how do we know our programmes and activities are successful?

For EFDN to recognise the efforts which go into our service offering, we look at evaluating the following components of our operation which are:

  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Impact
  • Sustainability

It is critical for EFDN to have a clear systematic approach for ourselves and our members to showcase the analysis and use of information gathered from projects and programmes which will enable us to advise on the following

  • Learning Function – Learning from our experiences and sharing with our network members
  • Monitoring Function – Accounting Internally and Externally for resources used and results obtained
  • Taking Decisions –  Creating a pathway to make executive decisions on what we have learned from our policies, activities and programmes.

Who we work with?

EFDN works in collaboration with Substance which is an important partnership bringing Monitoring and Evaluation to life for our members and stakeholders by using VIEWS an online monitoring tool.

Find further information on our Official Monitoring & Evaluation partner, Substance, here.