The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) is the “go-to” organisation on Community and Social Responsibility in European Football. EFDN firmly believes that positive interventions to enable social impact within communities is best tackled by forming sustainable alliances within the world of football. To gain the best results we look to establish sustainable partnerships to promote the power of football.

We are working with more than 170 clubs, leagues and FAs, the European Union, national & local governments, local authorities, education institutions, and other umbrella organisations in football like UEFA Foundation for Children and ECA.

We offer expertise, excellence, innovation, sustainability, unique networking opportunities and visibility. Join our team, promote the social power of football across Europe and meet our members and partners.

Our promise

The goal of the network is to encourage clubs and football foundations to share knowledge, best practice and experiences on an international level in order to enhance quality and efficiency of national and local football for development initiatives. This is achieved through the international exchange of staff, trainees and participants, international conferences, an online knowledge platform and developing European community programmes.

  • Expertise

EFDN is the leading organisation in the field of CSR in European Football. We created a valuable impact on people’s health, personal development, social inclusion, integration and employability in the last years. The European Union and other governmental institutions recognise the quality of our work and fund currently several of our ongoing projects.

  • Excellence

Among our members include numerous award-winning clubs and charities. The European Club Association (ECA) awarded EFDN member KAA Gent’s ‘Revitalising new Ghent’ as Best Community & Social Responsibility Programme of 2018. UEFA has handed out the 2020 ‘Grassroots Award’ to Werder Bremen. Several members have been rewarded additional grants for their amazing response throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Innovation

EFDN has proven in the past that it is an innovative organisation that adapts quickly to upcoming challenges and can spread best practices across Europe. Alongside the Dutch Justice Department we organised an international tournament and a conference in a Dutch prison. The Walking Football movement is constantly growing since the launch of our Pan-European programme. A unique health competition among fans, driven by EFDN, will arise soon. Our EFDN Stem Network equips young pupils with suitable skills for the rapidly evolving labour market.

  • Sustainability

EFDN ensures the quality and sustainability of its programmes through continuous monitoring and evaluation. Our members and us strive to improve our community programmes and create awareness for ecological challenges. Our daily work is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set by the United Nations and we aim to create long-lasting community programmes.

  • Networking opportunities

By becoming a partner of EFDN, you have access to a wide range of networking opportunities. Our conferences are the largest gatherings of CSR experts and community-engaged football organisations. Furthermore, you can get in touch with programme partners and participants of our programmes all across Europe.

  • Visibility

Collaborating, funding and partnering with EFDN create visibility for your organisation. Our programmes are implemented by organisations across Europe. Our 2020 #Morethanfootball Action Weeks campaign reached 41 million online and our clubs, leagues and FAs offer wider platforms for your organisation. Partnering with EFDN, gives you access to a valuable and vibrant network with immense benefits.

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Become a partner for social change

If you are interested in receiving further information or want to become a partner, please contact us by sending an email to info@efdn.org or call +31 76 369 05 61.