200 People Gathered at Groupama Stadium for a Giant Dictation

28 March 2023

200 People Gathered at Groupama Stadium for a Giant Dictation

On March 11, nearly 200 people gathered in the auditorium of Groupama Stadium to take up the giant dictation challenge, an event organized by Sport dans la Ville, Dictée pour Tous with the help of OL Foundation.

Education and equal opportunities are among the priorities of OL Foundation; thus, it was important to host this dictation within the confines of Groupama Stadium. This intergenerational event aims to facilitate access to reading and writing for as many people as possible through the values ​​of solidarity, equality and secularism.  

The great dictation was first introduced by an opening ceremony in the presence of Philippe ODDOU, Director General of Sport dans la Ville, Salwa PHILIBERT, Deputy Prefect in charge of city policy and Delphine TEILLARD, Program Director Success in the city. Together, they were able to present the program focused on professional integration, access to education and secularism

The auditorium then plunged into the greatest concentration to begin this dictation. Primary, middle and high school students, but also parents grabbed their pens, listening carefully to Tacler avec les mots, an extract from the book `Dictée Pour Tous` and recited by Abdellah Boudour, the founder of Dictée pour Tous.

To allow everyone to participate, as well as to promote equal opportunities, the dictation was divided into 3 categories: the primary students wrote the first paragraph, the middle school students stopped at the second paragraph and the high school students / parents wrote the entire text. 

Once the pens were put down, a big correction session was set up by the Sport dans la Ville educators to elect the big winners in each category. 

All the participants left with gifts and the lucky winners won a jersey signed by the Olympique Lyonnais women’s team.


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