A lifelong supporter of FC Eindhoven shares his Football Memories

30 January 2024

A lifelong supporter of FC Eindhoven shares his Football Memories

In a recent edition of Football Memories, the loyal supporter and active participant of the initiative, Bert Wildenberg shares his story about perspective on the value of Football Memories and the special meaning that FC Eindhoven has for him.

Football Memories activity for loyal supporter means a valuable day out, infused with fun and the opportunity to talk about football with other participants. Not only it is an opportunity to reminisce about exciting matches and legendary moments, but it also creates a warm and connected atmosphere where the love for the game is being highlighted. The activity is supported by Hersenstichting (Brain Foundation).

As a lifelong supporter of FC Eindhoven, I already feel a strong connection, but the Football Memories meetings help me a lot, because I can talk about FC Eindhoven and other football. FC Eindhoven is also a real family thing for me. I like to take my children and grandchildren to football. For me this is really everything I could wish for and this brings a lot of emotion to me.

Bert Wildenberg, FC Eindhoven supporter, Participant of Football Memories

Bert shared that he would love if more participants would join Football Memories. More participants means more fun and diverse stories. As well, more participants means more opportunities for connection and even more vibrant Football Memories experience.


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