Biggest National Street Football Tournament Hosted by Stabæk at Nadderud

4 October 2022

Biggest National Street Football Tournament Hosted by Stabæk at Nadderud

The biggest national tournament hosted by Stabæk of all time for the Street teams was – if possible – even better than one could have dreamt of. Two days, 27 Street teams. 72 matches. Close to 400 participants. A fantastic sports festival. There were winners in every sense of the word. The event was a party from the opening ceremony into the prize-giving session. First where team by team passed in through the main gate at Nadderud Stadium, before Stabæk and the Football Foundation welcomed everyone and Bærum community’s mayor Lisbeth Hammer Krog made the official opening.

Then it went from blow to blow. Up to six matches simultaneously. Two speakers who kept track of both scores and times. Cheers, scores and handshakes for joy. Everything under the safe auspices of Stabæk’s large and committed staff of both volunteers and managers – confidently led by street team leader Espen Lindmark.

They played their way through the groups on Tuesday, before everyone moved down to Scandic Fornebu – where the teams spent the night and, not least, took part in a fantastic banquet. Wednesday was all about playoffs, four different play-offs which meant matches for everyone all day. Of course, with the desire to win. But everyone had actually won, long before the matches had started. The joy of the game was high even when the opponent scored the most.


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