Club Brugge Oldstars Cup 2024: A Celebration of Walking Football

23 February 2024

Club Brugge Oldstars Cup 2024: A Celebration of Walking Football

The 7th edition of Club Brugge’s international walking football tournament, Club Brugge Oldstars Cup 2024, will take place on Thursday, 18th of April 2024, on the practice fields next to the Jan Breydel Stadium in 8200 Sint-Andries, Bruges.

More than just a tournament, the Club Brugge Oldstars Cup shows the spirit of walking football, emphasizing teamwork, respect, and the joy of playing the game. As the participants take to the field, they not only showcase their skills but also contribute to the vibrant community that surrounds this unique version of the sport.

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Registration for the Club Brugge Oldstars Cup 2024 is possible on the following website.


At Club Brugge, Walking Football Sessions consist of two parts.

After a good cup of coffee and some talks follows the sports activity. For this, there is a special football variant: Walking Football. In this variant of football, you are not allowed to run and you must play without any goalkeeper. Moreover, the ball must not be above the hip.
Part 1 of the session creates a friendly environment for social activity where people can drink a cup of coffee and have time to chat.  Part 2 consists of practical football session, warm up and a walking football game.

Walking Football has never been as popular as today at Club Brugge Foundation.

The team has grown from 6 players at the very start to 22.
In each season, 20 training sessions are being delivered, one session per week. After these 20 weeks, a Walking Football tournament is held.


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