Concept Programme 20th EFDN ‘Making Football Matter’ Conference

21 September 2023

Concept Programme 20th EFDN ‘Making Football Matter’ Conference

The programme for the 20th EFDN ‘Making Football Matter’ Conference in Athens is taking shape! We are delighted to confirm speakers of the following attending organisations.

Confirmed speakers of:

  • AEK AthensConference hosting club
  • Panel Women in Football
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
  • IFK GöteborgElisabeth Anderton
  • Chicago Fire Foundation –  Jessica Yavitz
  • River Plate Foundation
  • Fingerspitz –  Jaap Jacobs about Online purpose marketing

An annually recurring element during our conferences is the More than Football Award powered by Musco Lighting, the shortlist has already been announced. During the conference, the applicants selected for the shortlist are invited to make a 15-minute presentation of their project. After that, the attending EFDN members will choose the winning organisation. The winner will be announced during the More Than Football Award 2023 Gala on Tuesday, November 14th and receives a fully branded Musco Lighting Mini-Pitch for its community activities. Below are the shortlisted clubs for the More than Football Award 2023:

  • KRC Genk FRZA!KRC Jongdementie Café
    • The KRC Genk FRZA! foundation initiated the KRC Jongdementie (young dementia) Café, with the hope of first and foremost, giving people facing this terrible disease a place where they can be themselves without inhibition. The chances of someone getting dementia are 1 in 5 and for the first time, the disease is also amongst the number one cause of death in Belgium.
  • Legia Foundation#ReadyToHelp Refugees from Ukraine
    • The project ‘’#ReadyToHelp Refugees from Ukraine” is a humanitarian initiative which was launched in response to the war in Ukraine and the influx of refugees into Poland, particularly Warsaw. The project’s main objectives include providing essential support to Ukrainian refugees, supplying basic necessities to those who remained in Ukraine, raising awareness about the war’s causes, and offering normalcy to displaced children and mothers.
  • The St Johnstone Community TrustSaints Academy INclusion Through Sport (SAINTS)
    • SAINTS, originally part of St Johnstone’s community department, and now an integral part of the Community Trust, Mental Health & Wellbeing Football is a project which has grown over a 13-year period, kicking off in 2010. The project has developed to include support for adults with learning disabilities, students with additional support needs, children & young people with Autism, and children & young people with ADHD. Sport is for everyone.
  • FCM SamfundTogether on the field (Sammen går vi på bannen)
    • The Together on the Field (Sammen går vi på bannen) project focuses on developing, training and strengthening the candidate’s prerequisites and skills for and, to complete training as well as take on a job or education. Additionally, their social and personal qualities are also strengthened. FCM Samfund realises this project through targeted effort, with weekly joint teaching and individual support within the framework of the sports’ network, and based on the principles of talent development.

Of course, we will provide you with the improvement and progress that is made within our projects. The following projects will be covered during the conference:

  • Making Football Matter (overview of all projects by Hubert)
  • All-In & Win
  • Walking Football League
  • Welcome through Football
  • Nature Based Solutions
  • More than Football Action Weeks 2024

On the first day, Monday, November 13th, the EFDN Conference is a dedicated event for national leagues and Football Associations where we address the ESG trends and challenges for their own organisations and how they can support their member organisations on a national and more strategic level. Following programme for that day can already be confirmed, more information will be provided soon!

Programme Leagues & FA’s meeting, Monday (afternoon), November 13th

  • University Utrecht
  • English Football League Trust
  • Upshot
  • Roundtables

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