Conclusion of the NAC Telt project after twelve weeks of hard work

12 December 2023

Conclusion of the NAC Telt project after twelve weeks of hard work

On Friday 8 December, the adventure concluded for seventeen participants of the lifestyle project NAC Telt (NAC Counts). Twelve intensive weeks were dedicated to personal growth, focusing not only on the physical aspect, but also on mental health, nutrition and introduction to various sports.

The programme started on 18 September at the NACademy, where participants were introduced and underwent their first measurement. Here, individual goals were discussed and set. Twelve weeks later, the close-knit group concluded their adventure with the final measurement, a well-deserved drink and the NAC Evening.

Participant Tamara (44) cherishes a strong bond with NAC that goes back to her childhood, growing up around the corner from the Rat Verlegh Stadium and living with a NAC supporter. Her participation in NAC Telt was motivated by her husband and group of friends.

“A friend took the initiative to join a round as women too, to play sports together. Our husbands were very enthusiastic about this and it also seemed very fun and motivating for us to exercise in and around the stadium with guidance.”

Tamara, participant of NAC Telt

During NAC Telt, Tamara met new people, laughed a lot and exercised intensively. The diversity of the training sessions, the motivation of the group and the positive energy encouraged her to continue with structural sports at Boxing Breda after NAC Telt. Over the past few weeks, participants experienced that sports are not only essential for your health, but also the combination with nutrition and especially the mental piece. Besides physical training, participants attended workshops on healthy lifestyle topics, an inspiring session with NAC selection players and experienced boxing and yoga with Boxing Breda.

Remco (40), a loyal season-ticket holder for years, was also a dedicated NAC Telt participant. With a sedentary job, he discovered the need for exercise for a healthy life, and participating with fellow NAC supporters strengthened his motivation.

“The nice thing about exercising in a group is the motivation you get from other fellow participants. Everyone sports at their own level, but you still take that extra step to reach your goal. The support in the programme goes beyond exercise. The mental part also gets the attention it deserves. You come out of the programme with all the tools you need to make a sustainable change in your daily life.”

Remco, a dedicated NAC Telt participant

NAC Telt

NAC Telt is a lifestyle project for NAC supporters. With the lifestyle programme NAC Telt, NAC supports social supporters in improving their health. Working together to exercise more, eat healthier and get a better balance between being active and relaxing.

Participants are given various tips to incorporate personal lifestyle changes into daily life so that it becomes a habit. Of course, with support from professional NAC Telt coaches. NAC Telt is the perfect springboard to turn old, sometimes less healthy habits into a healthier lifestyle. After this intensive period, participants are more aware of their lifestyle and better equipped to tackle challenges independently.

During the programme, participants attend exercise sessions twice a week (Monday and Thursday evenings) in the stadium by professional coaches. Moreover, between three and five challenges will be offered and they will have several workshops on nutrition, exercise, unwinding and mindset. Of course, professionals will be present with first aid knowledge and an AED will be available to make the course as safe as possible.


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