De Graafschap’s Development Studio

24 January 2023

De Graafschap’s Development Studio

At the beginning of this season, De Graafschap started a project with several players that focuses on development outside the sports field.

“During my career I always encountered that I lacked targeted guidance to properly implement my own plan and course. For the past two years I have been working very pleasantly with the Development Studio and I have got a grip on my future,”

Hidde Jurjus, De Graafschap football player

“The ambition of De Jeugdopleiding is to allow players to move on to professional football. In addition, educating people is an important aspect. This way you develop yourself as a strong personality in society and moreover we believe that development next to the sports field leads to better performance on the sports field.”

Jefta Bresser, Head of Youth Training at De Graafschap

That is why De Graafschap has entered into a partnership with De OntwikkelingStudio. An organization that guides top athletes outside the sports field with an approach that focuses on maximizing, sustainably, the potential of the top athlete. This season, a total of 9 top athletes from De Graafschap U-16, U-17, U-21 started this process. The supervision lasts at least one season and consists of individual conversations, intervision and making a Development Plan. This leads to ownership of one’s own development, new insights and perspectives for the future.

Questions that are common among athletes include: ‘My dream is to become a professional football player, but what does my plan B look like?’ ‘How do I assert myself more on and off the sports field.’ ‘How can I permanently combine football with school and which further education would I like to follow?

A special aspect is that this project was made possible by ZEG Achterhoek (project for Achterhoek youth), B&P Professionals and De Graafschap. A unique collaboration in which Government, Business and Top Sport meet and strengthen each other.

Michael Ogubai, Corporate Social Responsibility manager at De Graafschap and actively involved in this project, wishes the players the opportunity to grow further and become owners of their own development process.


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