Djurgården IF develops a motor skills course with the Iron Rabbit

16 May 2023

Djurgården IF develops a motor skills course with the Iron Rabbit

Djurgården Skolidrott, together with Djurgården IF, is now launching Movement Fun with the Iron Rabbit, a way for children aged 3-6 to develop their motor skills in a playful way.

Movement Fun with the Iron Rabbit is an eight-week programme where all basic movements are performed every week under the supervision of Djurgården Skolidrott’s sports leaders and young leaders. In the autumn of 2023, Movement Fun with the Iron Rabbit will start on Sundays in Segeltorp (Innovitaskolan) and in Bromma (Kristofferskolan) and consist of two age groups: children 3-4 years old in one group and children 5-6 years old in another group. Of course, the Iron Rabbit will visit in connection with the Diploma Award Ceremony.

Children need to develop basic motor skills early on in order for their bodies to cope with the various movements and functions they need in everyday life. It is basically about practising things such as balancing, climbing, jumping, throwing, grasping, pulling, pushing, crawling, doing somersaults, and many other activities in a playful way.

To ensure that children get started with these movements early on, Djurgården Skolidrott has developed Movement Fun with the Iron Rabbit, a motor skills course that introduces all basic movements to the child in a playful and educational way. When I worked as a teacher in Sports & Health, I experienced how a large group of children, when they reached school age, lacked the basic movement patterns the human body should be able to handle. These were things many of us older people took for granted, such as doing somersaults, balancing on a bench or jumping with a rope like a vine. The more sedentary society we have today simply does not create the same opportunities for children to develop these skills at an early age and based on this we have developed this concept.”

Philip Hjalmarsson, operational manager at Djurgården Skolidrott

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