EFDN Member of the Month – March 2024

8 March 2024

EFDN Member of the Month – March 2024

We are back with a new EFDN Member of the Month announcement! This March, we are delighted to announce Excelsior Rotterdam as our Member of the Month, accompanied by an interview with their CSR Manager, Iris de Iongh.

This initiative aims to showcase the outstanding efforts of our member clubs, leagues or FA’s honouring their dedication to using football for positive change in tmorheir communities. Each month, we select a deserving member organisation based on its leadership, innovation, and impact on social responsibility. The chosen member gains exclusive visibility across our network and beyond, allowing their inspiring work to be recognised and celebrated.

To celebrate Excelsior Rotterdam nomination, Iris de Iongh accepted our invitation for an interview, enabling us to discover the remarkable experiences as well as hers personal stories and initiatives that have led to the club being selected as the EFDN Member of the Month.

A short introduction to Iris de Iongh

Iris de Iongh, 32 years old, CSR Manager. I have been working at Excelsior for about 7.5 years. Started in one of the projects we have as a foundation and grew into CSR Manager.

What makes you smile in your role?

What makes me smile is the fact that colleagues are able to evolve and to support others every day. The fact that you can grow as a person, as a colleague and as a participant.

Iris at the 20th EFDN Conference in Athens.

What inspired you to work in the CSR/ESG field and what made you interested in making a difference in the football industry specifically? 

Working in the football industry is an additional element for me, it’s mainly about being able to mean something more and make a difference through the brand and image of the club. The fact that we get to help people who don’t always get that help is the most important added value for me.

What core values guide your foundation’s work, and how do you ensure your initiatives have a lasting impact?

Every day, these core values play a role in what we do. Through what we do every day, we are always looking at what is going well and what could be better.

What’s your favourite project?

7.5 years ago, I joined the Playing for Success Excelsior programme. Every project has its own strength and quality and so do some very nice things. As a foundation, we do too many great things every day to choose just one.

Can you share a memorable story that showcases the positive impact of your foundation’s work?

The video of Julie, one of our Playing for Success Excelsior participants shows the added value of our work. https://youtu.be/JIQ1kHD51GU?si=SkI27aUZmYD9EvrY


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