EFDN organises MDT Community Champions event on Excelsior Rotterdam’s main pitch

31 May 2024

EFDN organises MDT Community Champions event on Excelsior Rotterdam’s main pitch

On Wednesday, June 5, EFDN in collaboration with Eredivisie CV will host MDT Community Champions event on Excelsior Rotterdam’s main pitch. During this event, the young people will follow inspiring and educational workshops hosted by Mike Passenier and Kika van Es, among others. Of course, there will also be football among themselves, so that the youngsters from all participating clubs can get to know each other. FC De Rebellen will present the football clinics. Afterwards, the prizes of the Community Champions tournament pool will be handed out to the winners. The day will end with a snack and a drink, with participants sharing their experiences.

Community Champions

Community Champions uses the appeal of professional football in the Netherlands, eight professional football clubs from the Eredivisie and the Keuken Kampioen Divisie, and the social power of football to reach and engage young people in a unique football-based MDT programme. The opportunity for the young people not only to be involved in the club and the neighbourhood but also to become a true ambassador for ‘their’ club has a status-enhancing effect, which plays into the social circles the young people are in.

Within Community Champions, participating young people not only get the chance to give something back to their own neighbourhood or district, but by participating in workshops and organising neighbourhood contributions, they can also earn points in the Community Champions competition. This competition ultimately determines who is the Community Champion of the Netherlands.


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