Everton in the Community delivers Trinity Project’s Last Pillar: Thrives

18 October 2023

Everton in the Community delivers Trinity Project’s Last Pillar: Thrives

Earlier this month, Everton in the Community launched its Trinity Project, an ambitious five-year strategy to build better communities and stronger futures.

Delivered through three pillars, Learns, Minds and Thrives, the project will pave the way for a brighter future by empowering thousands of residents to achieve meaningful work, better health, enriched lives and lifelong learning.

Under their Learns pillar, Everton in the Community are dedicated to breaking down barriers and expanding access to education for all ages. They will offer a range of programmes, both school-based and lifelong, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow.

Under their Minds pillar, their goal is to enhance community wellbeing through accessible support for individuals living with dementia, as well as their carers, alongside high-quality mental health services to ensure everyone receives the help they need.

Alongside Learns and Minds pillar, Thrives will empower individuals to reach their full potential through increased confidence, targeted assistance, and skill-building initiatives.

The pillar will utilise football, key life skills, and tailored support, and deliver a diverse range of programmes to inspire individuals to pursue positive change and live healthier lives.

The cost-of-living crisis is causing an increasing number of families across Liverpool to fall into poverty. Nearly a quarter of local children come from low-income households and youth homelessness has reached record levels across the UK whilst one in four Liverpool citizens have a disability and are facing barriers within sports, education, employment and social participation. 

The charity’s Thrives strategy will create healthy families by providing comprehensive life course approaches within L4 and beyond whilst enhancing inclusivity and empowerment for marginalised individuals across Liverpool City Region.


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