FC Twente: Scoring for the community project in September

14 October 2022

FC Twente: Scoring for the community project in September

Many Twente citizens started in September at a project Scoring in the neighbourhood. Virtually all Scoring in the neighbourhood projects started again in September. Many people from Twente take part in various projects on behalf of FC Twente to take another step forward in various areas.

Examples include working on a healthier lifestyle, participation in society, integration in Dutch society, sports and exercise, working on digital skills, finding distraction from daily problems in the family or improving the quality of life in our ‘support neighbourhoods’.

A different integration proces: status holders from Oldenzaal integrate in terms of daytime activities, language and sports. New trainees are immediately introduced to practice by having a cup of Eritrean coffee with the participants. A lesson was also carried out through a collaboration with primary school De Leemstee in which children from group 7 helped by playing sports together and taking steps in language.

Appropriate Sports: 33 children from Enschede and Hengelo have again started various sports and exercise activities. In the coming weeks, a group of 33 children and young people, who need some extra care and guidance when it comes to exercise, will be introduced to various sports. The aim is to work with these children and their parents to find structurally appropriate sports and leisure activities in his or her environment. The first lessons took place in the FBK Stadium, the Pathmoshal and at the complex of rugby club Dragons.

Process Enschede – support neighbourhood Glanerbrug: A fair was held in Glanerbrug on Sunday 18 September. Through sporting activities, contact is made with residents, with the aim of finding out the need demand and better identifying where residents could use a helping hand.

Healthy Football Course: 51 primary school pupils from the Plechelmus School in Hengelo started a cycle of lessons in the Hengelose Es support neighbourhood. The first lesson was all about getting acquainted and gauging the needs from the teachers and pupils so that a tailor-made programme could be drawn up.

Process Enschede – support neighbourhood Wesselerbrink: At location de Magneet, a group of senior citizens living in the surrounding blocks of flats started playing boules to get to know each other better and carry out joint activities in the neighbourhood. Contact was also made with residents through sporting activities during Neighbourhood Day and the Lintveldebrink neighbourhood party on Saturday 24 September, with the aim of finding out needs and better identifying where residents could use a helping hand.

Supporter of Each Other: Many families with the necessary challenges started groups in Hengelo and Enschede. Among other things, through parent/child classes to experience distraction and fun alongside the daily issues that many families experience.

Knooi’n on the computer: A new group with participants has started to work on their digital skills. Meetings are held every week on Monday evenings at De Grolsch Veste.
Heya de Keu! – seniors’ activities: 63 seniors went on a visit to FC Twente on Wednesday 5 October, through the Markelo supporters’ association. This activity is both a nice day out seniors and an opportunity to interact with other seniors from the village. By doing so, we hope to connect seniors with each other and reduce (potential) loneliness among seniors, this was also an activity as part of the ‘Week against Loneliness’.


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