Feyenoord Welcomes Celtic for Exchange of Social Ideas

22 September 2023

Feyenoord Welcomes Celtic for Exchange of Social Ideas

Not only Feyenoord and Celtic met on the pitch at De Kuip Tuesday evening, but the European social campaign already started on Sunday afternoon. A delegation from the Celtic FC Foundation came to Rotterdam earlier to get an insight into Feyenoord’s social activities.

They did this for several reasons. First of all, they show that football clubs all over Europe are working every day to support those who need it most. In doing so, it is a unique experience for the participants to come into contact with staff and coaches from other clubs in other countries.

”It contributes to the personal development of the coaches.”

Ton Strooband, manager of Social Matters at Feyenoord and also Chairman of the Management Board at EFDN.

Thus, the guests from Glasgow immediately visited Clubhouse Feyenoord on Rotterdam’s Afrikaanderplein on Sunday, where some 60 youngsters took part in a specially organised football tournament. On Monday and Tuesday, visits followed to two primary schools where Feyenoord operates daily educational programmes and a training session was held at Sportplaza Feyenoord in the Zuiderpark. In this way, both the similarities and differences between Feyenoord and Celtic’s social work became clear. Glasgow is also a city that faces considerable challenges on various themes. And although the Scottish Foundation focuses on other themes, the social power of football is badly needed there too.

Shared past

Besides, the clubs are quite familiar to each other as well. Feyenoord have visited Glasgow in the past to learn from each other there. Also, both clubs are members of our network.

‘So, we know each other well. When you see the enthusiasm the Scottish coaches carry out their work and how involved they are with the participants, that gives you an enormous amount of energy. In this aspect, Celtic and Feyenoord are very similar. We do our work from the heart. You immediately see the enthusiasm spreading to the participating children and their parents. We also distinguish ourselves with these kinds of activities and thus contribute to the enjoyment of sports and exercise for children.”

Ton Strooband

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