Football for Climate Justice Project features in ‘The Sustainability Report’ Podcast

20 November 2023

Football for Climate Justice Project features in ‘The Sustainability Report’ Podcast

A couple of weeks ago we launched the first two deliverables of the Football for Climate Justice initiative – the Research Report and the Community & Fan Survey Report. The reports emphasise the importance of localisation and community-led development, highlighting the opportunity for clubs to empower communities to lead and even own the transition process, not simply participate in it.

Last week, Matheus Cavalcanti (EFDN Project Manager), Rafael Muela (Real Betis Balompié), Róisín Greaney (TASC), Seán McCabe (Bohemian FC) and Matthew Campelli (Founder The Sustainability Report) got together to discuss the reports and their implications on The Sustainability Report.

If you’re curious about the reports and the next steps for this groundbreaking EFDN project, give the podcast a listen!

Football for Climate Justice

Football for Climate Justice is a transformative framework for football clubs to shift from traditional sustainability approaches to a climate justice perspective. The aim is to enable clubs to enhance the standard of living of their fans and communities through climate action initiatives.

Football has the power to inspire millions of people around the world, and with that comes a responsibility to use that influence for good. That’s why we’re harnessing the passion and resources of the football community to drive positive change in the fight against climate change.

Our mission is to create practical solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of football while also improving the lives of fans and their local communities. We’re collaborating with leading researchers to identify the most effective ways to reduce emissions from football operations, while also exploring innovative ways to use football as a tool for social and environmental progress.

Click here to download the reports!


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